Dr Cherlene Lee - VSOS cares about our clients as much as we do

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It was a chance encounter with VSOS’s Dr Karina Graham that completely changed the way Dr Cherlene Lee viewed referral specialist vets.

“I first used Karina and the VSOS mobile vet services by accident,” explains Dr Lee, veterinarian and owner of My Vet Animal Hospital in Waterloo.

“Our regular ultrasonographer was away, and we really needed someone for a case, so I thought ‘let’s give Karina and VSOS a go.’ After just one ultrasound, I was completely converted. I was very, very impressed at how different she is from all the other vet specialists who I’ve worked with. I was sold!”

Cherlene Lee VSOS

One point of contact keeps clients in house

“Having one contact for clients just makes it super easy,” says Dr Lee.

“My team and I organise everything directly so the pet owner only has to speak to one person.

That’s crucial for me because I get to keep the cases in house and then I’m more involved with each case.

I’m kept in the loop from the beginning. I can discuss the case with the specialist and we work together as a team.”

By insisting on a “one point of contact” policy where only the local vets arrange consultations with their clients, VSOS solves the communications issues that can arise after making a referral to a pet specialist due to so many different people involved throughout the process.

Partnership With The Team VSOS

Animal specialists who work in partnership with the team

Unlike other vet specialists, the VSOS small animal surgeons and veterinary nurses work as an extension of vet clinic teams from the very beginning, putting a huge emphasis on relationship building with the vet and their staff.

“My clients and their pets love the fact that they’re still at their local vet,” explains Dr Lee. “They see the same regular faces they are used to and then a mobile specialist onsite working hand in hand with that team just makes the process so much easier.”

Karina and the rest of the VSOS specialists make a dedicated point of being available for any questions local vet staff may have before, during and after procedures.

By working in partnership with veterinary surgeons, VSOS can ensure the health and comfort of the animals always come first.

Specialist service and equipment without the big up-front costs

When Dr Lee and her team at My Vet Animal Hospital partnered with VSOS, they received access to expert level equipment and some of Sydney’s top small animal specialists to operate them… all without having to invest an enormous amount of money and time in their own practice.

Entry-level ultrasound machines start at $10,000, with more advanced machines closer to $30,000, so this really is a substantial saving for local vet clinics.

And then there’s the qualifications required to offer this service and operate the machines accurately, which will demand further investment of time and money in education.

“I’d rather my clients receive the expertise of a specialist who does this for a living… especially when it’s the same cost to our clients as what some other practices charge for doing it themselves,” says Dr Lee.

“Plus, I learn more myself by working with the VSOS team and seeing how they do things. It’s almost like free education for my team and me… and more importantly I’m supplying the best possible care for my clients at an affordable rate. That’s really important to me and my business.”


Convenient, affordable options for in-house surgeries and procedures

VSOS mobile vet specialists come to My Vet Animal Hospital to perform soft tissue procedures, preventative care and minor orthopaedic surgeries.

“When it comes to simpler procedures, we just give VSOS a call and suggest a day or two that we know the client is available and book it in. That’s all there is to it,” says Dr Lee.

“With CCLs and other more complex issues we can book VSOS for a consultation with the pet first, which still takes place in our clinic.

That’s just so convenient for our clients who are usually just walking distance from our practice, anyway.

And VSOS’s mobile service is especially helpful for owners of larger animals who have suffered injuries that make transport over long distances difficult.”

This mobile option is not only cheaper for pet owners… it is also beneficial for veterinary practices because keeping surgery in clinic with one central point of communication makes it extremely easy to contact and book consultations.

The VSOS team treats every animal like it is their own

One of the biggest reasons Dr Lee has been using the VSOS team for quite some time now would be the team’s passion for what they do, and the level of accountability and care they display for each and every case.

This is really clear to Dr Lee, her team and, most importantly, her clients.

“I always get texts from Karina weeks after a procedure asking how a certain pet is going, just to follow up to make sure all is going well.

Our clientele really love the fact that the specialist works alongside us with the animal and that they care as much as we do.

Pet owners feel like we’re all here just for their pet and that’s what Karina and VSOS bring to the table.

Their values are my values… and we’re all working together to achieve the very best outcome for the animal.”

Are you looking for a trusted, professional and cost-effective referral partner for your practice?

The team at VSOS is dedicated to forming strong referral partnerships with vets, by offering both in-practice mobile specialist services and 24/7 emergency care at our advanced treatment centre.


VSOS cares about our clients as much as we do

Dr Cherlene Lee

“I first used Karina and the VSOS mobile vet services by accident,” explains Dr Lee, veterinarian and owner of My Vet Animal Hospital in Waterloo.

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