Dr Jenna Rickards

Jenna graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2015 from James Cook University, with class I honours. She initially entered the veterinary workforce as mixed practice veterinarian working in rural Central Queensland before embarking on the journey of specialisation.

In 2018 she completed a rotating internship at JCUVet Emergency and Referral Centre in Townsville, and completed an external post-graduate certificate in small animal emergency and critical care via the University of Melbourne.

In 2019 she commenced a residency program with the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine for companion animals, based at JCUVet, and North Coast Veterinary Specialists. This was completed in June of 2022.

Jenna first started working for VSOS in July 2022 on a casual basis before joining us full time in 2023. Her final specialist examinations are in March 2024. Dr. Rickards is interested in all aspects of internal medicine, particularly work-ups that require imaging, and endoscopy.


When asking Jenna what she loves about her job she responded “I love the connections you make with people’s pets and with their owners. I feel privileged to be able to offer the very best care a pet can have, and make sure we achieve a happy, and healthy pet for as long as possible. I want them to live their best lives, and allow the owner-pet bond to be as strong as possible.”

Jenna expressed that she chose to leave sunny Queensland to come to VSOS because “we push the frontier of medicine for pets”. Instead of coming to the end of the ‘known’ road for treatments, we can ask ‘what else is a possibility that we can apply to our patients to achieve the best outcome?’.

Jenna has two dogs, Indie and Tux, and a cat, Pi, who frequently come to visit the hospital (just for fun). Her cat is even a blood donor for other cats in need!

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