Rita's Urinary Tract Issues

Rita Prior surgery

Rita the German Shepherd was suffering from an issue within her kidney where she was passing blood. Unable to be treated by her local vet, her owner sought advice from Veterinary Specialists of Sydney’s Dr Karina Graham.

Rita Camera Scan

Under the microscope

Dr Karina Graham had an instinct of what could be the issue and was able to diagnose this by using a microscopic camera to check her kidney to confirm.

A new type of procedure

Dr Karina Graham used her experience gained from overseas to perform a new, non-invasive procedure known as Sclerotherapy to get Rita back to full health. The procedure is one of the many Interventional Radiology procedures able to be performed at Veterinary Specialists of Sydneys, state of the art animal hospital.

See the full video of Rita’s journey, her owner’s heartache and Dr Karina Graham’s explanation and post-surgery results for Rita the German Shepherd.

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Patient stories

“Karina, and all of the vet nurses and vet specialists at VSOS, have such incredible empathy."
On the hardest day of Jimmy Barnes' life, the VSOS team was there.

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