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Allie Loomis

Meet Allie - Relationship Coordinator

As a referring veterinarian, you and your team play a crucial role as one of our closest allies in the vet community. Allow us to introduce you to your dedicated veterinary relationship coordinator, Allie Loomis who acts as the vital link between your practice and our hospital.

You can reach out to Allie to discuss any feedback you have for VSOS or any required information you might need such as our services, more pamphlets for your clinic or other consultation queries.

Your relationship with us as a referring vet practice is so important, and we are here to listen and provide the best service we can as both a specialist centre and emergency hospital.

Allie Loomis

As the dedicated veterinary relationship coordinator, Allie is here to:

  • Share information about continuing education (CE) opportunities tailored to your staff’s needs
  • Arrange visits to your practice and foster discussions on enhancing our partnership
  • Conduct essential training sessions to streamline the referral process
  • Supply your clinic with the latest referral materials and information for both you and your clients
  • Coordinate meetings with our specialists, allowing you to become better acquainted with our team

For assistance with any of the above, questions, or further enquiries, please reach out to Allie Loomis.

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Patient stories

“Karina, and all of the vet nurses and vet specialists at VSOS, have such incredible empathy."
On the hardest day of Jimmy Barnes' life, the VSOS team was there.

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