Canine Total Elbow Replacement using the TATE Elbow®

At VSOS, we offer the TATE Elbow® for patients requiring canine total elbow replacement for the best possible outcome.

Did you know?
Our co-owner Dr Andrew Levien was one of a select group of surgeons around the world to be trained by Biomedtrix, the manufacturer of the TATE elbow replacement and is the only surgeon in Sydney certified in the latest generation of this procedure.

What is the TATE Elbow® Surgery?

The TATE Elbow® is a surgical solution for canine total elbow replacement (TER), where a prosthetic is used to replace an arthritic elbow joint. Unlike traditional prostheses that utilize stemmed cemented components, the TATE Elbow® is a resurfacing prosthesis, which allows for a less invasive surgical technique during implantation. Its purpose is to replicate the natural movements of the elbow joint and alleviate the pain associated with advanced osteoarthritis.

What does TER surgery involve?

Once preoperative screening and examinations are completed, radiographs (x-rays) and sometimes CT scans are taken to assess the severity of the elbow condition. If TER is deemed necessary, the surgery can be scheduled. The procedure involves removing the damaged articular surfaces of the humerus, ulna, and radius at the elbow joint, and replacing them with TATE implants.

Why would TER be recommended?

TER has been suggested as a treatment for patients to address the pain and disability caused by severe elbow osteoarthritis. While other procedures may be suitable for dogs in the early stages of elbow disease, they are unable to consistently and effectively relieve osteoarthritic pain in the long term.

The TATE Elbow®

The TATE Elbow implant is designed to replace the joint articular surfaces of the elbow, utilizing the latest in biomedical manufacturing and material technologies. Radioulnar component porosity for bone ingrowth humeral component HA coating.

  • Designed to alleviate the pain and suffering associated with canine elbow osteoarthritis.
  • Porous structure facilitates integrated bone ingrowth.
  • Hydroxyapatite (HA) coatings help jumpstart bone ingrowth into the implant.
  • Patented ‘cartridge implant’ design minimizes the amount of bone that is removed for implantation, greatly reducing damage to surrounding soft tissues.
  • The bearing, made from a cross-linked polyethylene impregnated with vitamin E, is designed to last the life of the patient.

We’re always happy to answer any further questions about TER or TATE, please contact us at or (02) 8376 8767.

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