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The hardest thing about being a parent to a pet is that we can’t “see” when something isn’t right.

And even for an experienced vet, there are times when you just can’t get the definitive answers or solutions you need from examinations or tests.

That’s where VSOS’s internal medicine specialists make the difference, because of our expertise and experience in veterinary medicine.

As internal medicine specialists, we have undertaken additional internships and training to refine our clinical skills and become specialised. So, in cases where the diagnosis is difficult, we can uncover whether a pet has an underlying illness and then in conjunction with local vets, we prescribe the treatment plan which will give the small animal the best possible outcome.

For pet owners whose vet has identified that your pet needs specialist care, they will refer you to VSOS. But you can also contact us at VSOS to discuss your pet’s specialist needs, and we will work together with your vet for the best outcome.

Affordable Mobile Medicine

As a pet owner, your number-one concern is the health and wellbeing of your beloved animal. And as a vet, you’re equally concerned that your patient is healthy and has the best chance at a better quality of life.

That’s why when a pet is sick and needs a medicine specialist, you need to know that the specialist has the necessary experience and training to be able to make a fast, accurate diagnosis.

Dr Karina Graham heads up our team of medicine specialists at VSOS.

She has not only received exceptional training in her residency specialist program and she has undertaken additional externship training in cardiology and neurology in the USA.

What’s more, she is the field leader in some interventional radiology and laser-assisted techniques in Sydney, including correction of ectopic ureters in incontinent dogs, as well as laser-assisted turbinectomies (LATE) to complement traditional airway surgery in brachycephalic, or squashed nose, dogs.

So, no matter what the specialist need of your pet, you can be sure that VSOS is the right specialist medicine partner for you.

Mobile Diagnostic Imaging

When animals are sick, it’s not always enough for a vet to examine them physically.

When there are underlying diseases or conditions that you can’t “see”, or that require further investigation, that’s when we need to use diagnostic imaging.

Mobile diagnostic imaging allows VSOS to come into a local vet practice and perform the necessary imaging to diagnose problems in small animals.

Ultrasound is used extensively in specialist practice for seeing body organs within the abdomen, occasionally the chest, with high clarity and precision.

We can visualise the liver to ensure no masses, lumps or bumps that may explain and elevations in liver blood tests. If a kitten eats a piece of string, our ultrasound is so detailed, it can detect whether the intestinal loops are bunching and becoming tangled. In this case, emergency surgery would be required to save the patients life.

Echocardiography refers to ultrasound of the heart. Pets frequently have an abnormal heart sound called a heart murmur and for accurate diagnosis, an ultrasound is required. Based of those immediate results, a specific treatment plan can be discussed and an idea of prognosis can be given. Young animals born with abnormal hearts can potentially have lifesaving procedures to cure the condition if detected with early with ultrasound. Rarely is sedation required for heart ultrasounds as we prefer to see a normal functioning heart without influence from sedation or anaesthesia.

Mobile Interventional Radiology

If we as humans had the choice between open surgery and a small, keyhole procedure, we would certainly be choosing the latter. Wouldn’t you choose a less invasive option for your beloved pet if it was available?

Interventional radiology makes less invasive procedures possible in veterinary medicine. And the VSOS specialist team has the technical expertise and experience to use interventional radiology effectively so, your beloved pet has the opportunity of a faster recovery, less pain and shorter anaesthesia times. All around improvements from a pet’s perspective when they are ill and need interventional treatment.

Veterinarian using an equipment to a dog

Endoscopic Medicine

Endoscopy is a field of medicine that utilises specialist endoscopes (cameras) to investigate internal areas. A long flexible endoscope can be passed through the mouth to see the inside of the stomach and small intestines. It can be placed up the bottom to examine the colon.

Tiny endoscopes can enter the urinary tract, we call this cystoscopy when viewing the bladder from the inside. An endoscope used for the breathing system is called a bronchoscope as it examines the bronchial structures. What’s more, we can collect biopsies of these areas with specialised forceps made to go in the endoscopes.

Mobile Medical Services Available

VSOS can provide the following mobile medical services:

    • Cardiovascular disease (heart and lung problems)
    • Endocrinology (hormone disease)
    • Urology and nephrology (urinary and kidney disease)
    • Gastroenterology (stomach, intestine, liver and pancreas diseases)
    • Oncology (cancer)
    • Neurology (brain, spinal cord and nerve diseases)
    • Haematology (blood) and metabolic diseases 
    • Infectious disease

Patient stories

“Karina, and all of the vet nurses and vet specialists at VSOS, have such incredible empathy."
On the hardest day of Jimmy Barnes' life, the VSOS team was there.

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