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Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy - TPLO

Dr. Levien explains the aim of the TPLO is to return the animal to normal athletic function, by changing the biomechanics of the knee. The TPLO immediately restores knee stability, and with no ligament to re-tear, the animal is free to continue life as normal. Learn how a TPLO works in this short video.

Cranial Cruciate
Tears - CCL

Being a very common injury in both dogs and cats of both sexes, the Cranial Cruciate Tear is a procedure that Dr. Levien is very well versed in. Watch this detailed video to learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, recovery time and return to movement, as well as potential complications.

Lateral Suture

The Lateral Suture is a common surgery used to stabilise knees that have an ACL tear. The lateral suture temporarily holds the knee in place until scar tissue forms and takes the sutures place.

Generally used in smaller breeds, Dr. Levien explains the procedure in this quick video.

Tibial Tuberosity Advancement - TTA

The Tibial Tuberosity Advancement modifies the biomechanics of the knee by taking away reliance on the ACL. An advancement and implant is inserted to create dynamic stability, much the same as a TPLO. Watch Dr. Levien explain the surgery in this short video.

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“Karina, and all of the vet nurses and vet specialists at VSOS, have such incredible empathy."
On the hardest day of Jimmy Barnes' life, the VSOS team was there.

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