Our specialist veterinary surgeons, Dr Andrew Levien and Dr Nina Lorenz, are experts in a number of surgeries, including orthopaedic (including hip replacement), neurosurgery, soft tissue reconstructive surgery and interventional radiologic procedures.


Our veterinary medicine team, led by Dr Karina Graham, have trained internationally at prestigious institutions, so vets and pet owners can be assured that their patients and beloved pets are being treated by leading specialists with thousands of hours of experience.

Interventional radiology

Our specialists have the technical expertise and experience to use interventional radiology effectively to treat a number of conditions and illnesses, making less invasive procedures possible in veterinary medicine, and giving pets faster recovery and shorter anaesthesia times.

Diagnostic imaging

Our specialists use the latest diagnostic imaging equipment to diagnose underlying conditions. Using diagnostic imaging is a completely non-invasive way of examining what is happening inside an animal’s body, and it allows us to make a fast, more accurate diagnosis.

Emergency & critical care

VSOS’s mobile specialist team comes to vet clinics throughout Sydney and beyond, to provide emergency and critical care to pets. We consult, diagnose and treat pets, including specialist internal medicine and surgery, to give pets the highest level of care.

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