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The perfect partnership for vets

As a vet, you have the very best interests of your patient, top of mind. And when that patient has a complex medical condition or they need specialised medical or surgical help, you need to turn to a trusted specialist partner – a partner you can rely on to deliver exceptional expertise.

A partner who will give the same level of care to your patient as you do.

VSOS’s team of medical and surgical vet specialists are trusted partners for vets. We provide unmatched and affordable mobile specialist care for pets.

We work in partnership with you to deliver advanced mobile medical and surgical treatments for patients with complicated conditions. We bring all the necessary equipment to your vet practice, and we stay in constant communication with you after treatment, to ensure your patient’s optimal recovery.

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Specialist Mobile Pet Care

Because VSOS’s mobile specialist team operates in your veterinary practice, it allows you as a vet to offer your clients advanced specialty pet care in a convenient, comfortable way… all at a more affordable price. Vets also have the option to use our mobile service alongside our advanced treatment centre rather than outsourcing to multiple hospitals and specialists.

As a referring vet, you will always remain the main point of contact for the pet owner, ensuring continuity of care, clear communication and familiarity for the pet owner and their pet.

And pet owners appreciate the convenience of having specialist treatment in their local vet surgery while still communicating with the vet who knows their pet’s medical history.

Our mobile reach extends throughout Greater Sydney, and the relationships we’ve developed with vets over the years are strong and authentic. We work alongside you as trusted colleagues rather than external specialists, aways delivering the highest level of care for your patients and their owners.

“When you’re doing what you love to do and are making a difference in the lives of animals and the people who love them, it’s a pretty great feeling. And what makes it even better is working with a group of specialists who feel the same sense of passion and commitment as you do.” Dr Andrew Levien

Unrivalled Medical and Surgical Expertise

Our veterinary surgical team is led by VSOS founder, Dr Andrew Levien.

Our veterinary medical team is led by Dr Karina Graham.

Together, they offer vets and pet owners unmatched specialist veterinary surgical and medical expertise.

Our team has studied and trained internationally at prestigious institutions, so vets can be assured that their patients are being treated by the very best in their fields.

Dr Andrew Levien trained with the top veterinary orthopaedic and hip replacement surgeons of the world. And Dr Karina Graham introduced interventional radiology and laser-assisted techniques in Sydney.

But there is so much more to VSOS than just credentials. Our team is truly passionate and committed to providing the best possible affordable care for animals. It’s why we started VSOS. It’s who we are.

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What mobile service means for a pet owner

Experience tells us your pet will be more comfortable with their regular vet in familiar surroundings. This is why we offer an experienced mobile team who can treat and operate on a wide range of illnesses and conditions in their vet clinic.

Our services include:

  • Veterinary surgery
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Interventional radiology
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Emergency and critical care
Mobile Services Reach

Our Mobile Services Reach

VSOS’s mobile specialist services aren’t limited to any area in Greater Sydney. We travel throughout Greater Sydney and beyond.

From the Blue Mountains to the Eastern Suburbs, to the South Coast, the Central Coast and everywhere in between.

We bring our specialist veterinary medicine and surgical services to vet clinics, and we bring all our medical and surgical equipment with us, including diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology.

For vets, you can refer your patients to VSOS when you need specialist veterinary medicine or surgical care. And for pet owners, you can contact us directly to discuss your pet’s veterinary specialist needs.

VSOS cares about our clients as much as we do

Dr Cherlene Lee

“I first used Karina and the VSOS mobile vet services by accident,” explains Dr Lee, veterinarian and owner of My Vet Animal Hospital in Waterloo.

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