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Dedicated ICU

We are proud to announce a Dedicated ICU at VSOS.  This department has been specially built to care for the most critical of patients and houses equipment necessary to care for these pets, such as a high dependency crib, integrated Menios ICU beds and Servo-U ventilators with high flow oxygen, to name a few.

Led by Dr Terri Eurell (Emergency & Critical Care Veterinarian), this team work together to provide intensive care for the most critical of patients, to restore the quality of life to those with serious life-threatening illness and injuries, who require close monitoring and constant care.  This dedicated care can often be the key success factor in a pet’s survival and the team do everything they can in order to give families peace of mind at a particularly difficult time.

Dr Terri Eurrell

Critical Care Vets

Since graduating from James Cook University in 2011, Terri has completed a rotating internship, worked extensively throughout Australia and the United Kingdom as an Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarian, completed her Membership in Emergency & Critical care from the ANZ College of Veterinary Science, received an advanced Certificate in Veterinary Practice through the Royal Veterinary College (UK), and this year completed her board exams for the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care.

Aside from being an academic superstar, Terri is an awesome human who is passionate about providing the best possible outcomes for critically ill pets. Terri has a special interest in shock, transfusion medicine and mechanical ventilation. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking all over the world and hopes to one day complete The Kings Way Trail in Sweden. We welcome to her our team with open arms!

Patient stories

“Karina, and all of the vet nurses and vet specialists at VSOS, have such incredible empathy."
On the hardest day of Jimmy Barnes' life, the VSOS team was there.

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