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When animals are sick, it’s not always enough for a vet to examine them physically. When there are underlying diseases or conditions that you can’t “see”, or that require further investigation, that’s when we need to use diagnostic imaging.

Diagnostic imaging is a completely non-invasive way of examining what is happening inside an animal’s body. It allows us to get clear images of specific areas so that we can make a fast, accurate diagnosis.

So, if there’s an underlying disease, we’ll be able to pinpoint it and begin treatment right away. Diagnosis is the crucial first step in getting your beloved pet back onto a better health path.

Affordable Mobile Diagnostic Imaging

At VSOS, we are committed to providing the highest level of care for all pets. And a vital aspect of that is being able to take our specialist services to where they are needed.

Our mobile specialist services come to vet practices around Sydney and the Illawarra region. So, when you need a vet medicine or surgical specialist, we will come to your vet clinic.

Vets can refer their patients to us. And pet owners can contact us to discuss their pet’s specialist needs.

And we bring our diagnostic imaging with us. This not only enables us to pinpoint exactly what is going on inside your beloved animal. It gives us the tools to diagnose and treat conditions quickly and begin the steps to send your pet on their way to recovery.

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What is Diagnostic Imaging?

We have several ways to ‘image’ various organs within the body. This includes traditional x-ray for bones and gas filled spaces (i.e., the lungs), ultrasound for the abdomen and heart, and newer technology including CT for more advanced x-ray imaging.

We also use MRI which excels in soft tissue, particularly the brain.

Fluoroscopy is a source of continuous x-ray which is great for vessels, swallowing and breathing.

We use these imaging modalities for assistance with making a diagnosis for our patients.

Often we use a combination and may require various specialist input for each device.

Patient stories

“Karina, and all of the vet nurses and vet specialists at VSOS, have such incredible empathy."
On the hardest day of Jimmy Barnes' life, the VSOS team was there.

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