Dr Conor Davis

Rotating Intern
BAVBSc (Hons), DVM

Dr Conor Davis

Dr. Conor Davis is a dedicated veterinarian who earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from the University of Sydney in 2023. Fuelled by a profound passion for animal well-being, he is currently undertaking a rotating internship to expand his expertise across specialist fields with the ultimate goal of pursuing a residency in the future.

His commitment to ongoing learning is evident in his decision to pursue a rotating internship, reflecting his dedication to staying at the forefront of veterinary medicine. Despite being a recent graduate, Dr. Davis brings a wealth of practical experience to his role. He has been an integral part of the VSOS team since 2020, serving in various capacities such as emergency vet nurse, internal medicine nurse, surgery patient care nurse, and anaesthesia nurse. Prior to completing his graduate degree, Dr. Davis also gained valuable experience working as a nurse in general practice for three years. This multifaceted experience has uniquely positioned him to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to his patients.

With a vision for the future, Dr. Davis aspires to pursue a residency, further specialising in his chosen field. His commitment to continuous improvement and specialisation underscores his dedication to offering the highest standard of veterinary care.

Conor grew up in the Sutherland Shire and still calls this area home. He shares his life with his fiancé Allie and their cat, Solo, who appreciates their affinity for the Star Wars Universe. In his free time, Conor and Allie enjoy exploring new coastal communities and experiencing live music performances across Sydney. Additionally, Conor is heavily involved in the sport of water polo and serves as an international referee, showcasing his passion and dedication beyond the veterinary field.

Dr. Conor Davis’ blend of professional dedication, ongoing learning, and diverse experiences both in and out of veterinary medicine reflects his commitment to holistic care and continual growth within the field. His enthusiasm for life and community engagement further enrich his role as a compassionate and knowledgeable veterinarian.

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